Hi everyone!

Again this year “La Festa dell’Incoronata” was a great success.

On behalf of the committee, I wish to thank everyone for your presence and support.

This year the theme for our yearly get together was “Duronia Calcio”. For the last few months we have been gathering as many pictures, stories and memorabilia as we could and displayed them during the evening.

Remembering and honoring the soccer players of Duronia Calcio of the 1950’s and 1960’s was quite humbling. To see these young men give their all and win the hearts of a small village who still today remember and cherish their experiences and memories is quite remarkable.  At the same time we want to support and encourage our next generation not only to the ones who play soccer but to everyone in whatever activity they choose.

Soccer, a game for everyone. Whether one was too young or a little older, too short or too tall, rich or poor: all you needed was a love of the sport and you were well on your way. Amongst the soccer teams of the Molise region, the Duronia teams were said to be one of the strongest.

The young men in Duronia Calcio were extremely passionate about the sport and throughout the years before emigrating to different parts on the planet, they played with heart and soul and left Duronia with great memories of triumph and love for the sport as well as their love for their beloved Duronia. Amongst the players of  “La squadra Duroniese” that emigrated to Montreal, were Pasquale, Fioretto, Enrico and Savino Tartaglia who was one of strongest players that Duronia ever had (statement made by a radio station of those days)!

In Canada, a few years ago, Savino said a few words about another great soccer player. “Antonio Di Placido, the famous “Laina” who in the 1950’s gave luster to the sport in Duronia.  Above all he held the key to success, becoming a goaltender and dribbler of superior class.” Sadly there are not many original players left to personally thank and congratulate. However,  there are the younger fans and families of these devoted players who can testify of their star quality performances and devotion to the sport.

For these reasons we wish to dedicate this evening not only to the past but also and most importantly to the future generation. Encouraging our young duroniesi in whatever activity they pursue.

On behalf of the committee I wish to thank everyone for their help and contributions of photos. A very special thank you to Oriana Berardo for singing again this year. Her voice improves by leaps and bounds every year. We wish her well and look forward to hearing her again.

As always a big thank you to our committee  and to our marvelous ladies that bake our traditional sweets every year.  We are extremely grateful to these women for keeping our traditional baking alive.

Enjoy the pictures, and if you took your own pictures during the evening please email them and I will add them to this blog.

Thank you and see you next year!!!

Antoinette – aberardo@gmail.com